Create Your Culture

It’s no secret that one of the keys to achieving our goals is good planning. This is exactly the case for Walt Disney World. Yes, one of the reasons Disney has been so successful over time is because of the environment they create. Nothing they do is by accident. Everything has a purpose. This is what is known as creating a culture. In the church, planning, prayer, and courage are required to complete God’s mission. But usually, the culture in a church just happens unintentionally. And this can greatly inhibit our ability to reach others. If we take a close look at Disney, we see that they take steps to make sure that their culture doesn’t just happen – it is intentional. So, the question is, why is Disney so successful in this regard while the church seems to struggle?

As those who seek to live a Christian life and carry out God’s will for us as the Church, we sometimes need to be honest that we have failed in certain aspects. For as Paul tells us in Romans, we have all fallen short. Thus, we must be honest about this and seek to be more innovative. This especially rings true when it comes to creating a culture. Fortunately, the new covenant we have in Christ provides a chance for us to start fresh. So, will we take advantage of this opportunity? Can we effectively communicate the culture we want in the Church and then take active steps to create it? Through prayer and planning, the answer is yes, and that is what leads us to more be the Church we are meant to be in a changing world.