Our Heritage

Lafayette Township’s first permanent settler was William Bisset who built his log cabin here in 1825. Located near the center of Medina County, the township was organized in 1832. The township was named after Marquis de Lafayette, a Frenchman who had aided the American colonies in the cause of Independence. The beginnings of Lafayette United Methodist Church date back to 1835, under the leadership of Reverend John Kellum. The members met in schools until 1853 when they erected a frame church south of the center.

In 1877, the church purchased the building then occupied by a Baptist congregation. The church located at the intersections of Routes 42 and 162 East was built in 1854 and was purchased from the Congregationalists in 1923 by the Lafayette United Methodists.

In 1948, under the leadership of Reverend Larry Todd, a basement was excavated under the church and a kitchen and fellowship hall constructed. Members and friends of the church provided nearly all of the labor. Other renovations had been done over the years including the addition of a Sunday School room and the acquisition of additional acreage surrounding the church for future expansion. In 1986, the church took a major step forward in being faithful to their community by establishing the first full-time pastorate for the church, under the leadership of Reverend Dana Flemming. The church was open to worship and service to the community.

In 1995, people had to be turned away from attending Easter and Christmas services because the church building’s limited capacity. Under the leadership of Reverend Randy K’Meyer, the church decided to move forward with plans to build a new church with multiple facets to accommodate the needs of the growing congregation and outreach ministry. Doris Lance then made the announcement of donation of 15 acres of land beside her home on Lafayette Road near Route 162 West. Doris stated that it had been her late husband Harry’s desire for the church to build on this piece of property.

In 1997, the new church building was completed and opened to the community; hosting conferences, musical concerts, crafts shows, fellowship dinners, games of basketball and volley ball, and youth clubs. The church became active as support host of missions such as Ala-Non, small group ministries, and Operation Homes, providing temporary shelter for the homeless.

Under the pastoral care of Reverend Floyd Costello, 2001-2007, the church sought out missions of reaching the un-churched in the community and outside the United States as Love of God, Love of their Fellow Man, and an Active Belief in the Power of Prayer. This remains the vital characteristics of the members of this church today. We give thanks to the Saints who have persevered and gone on before. They have left a legacy of fellowship and caring for others, just as we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.