The Road to the Wilderness

How many of you like to go on road trips? You know what I’m talking about – the times when you get in your car and just drive somewhere. Maybe you go on a day trip to a place somewhere nearby. Or perhaps you go to some far-off exotic place which you have never been to before. Or maybe you just decide to get in your car and drive. Whatever the case may be, road trips can indeed be fascinating times, and in many instances, they are moments in which you can get into deep conversation and grow closer to those who are traveling with you.

Well, similarly, Jesus too went on a road trip during his ministry. He simply started walking and traveled wherever he felt led. He never stayed anywhere for long, and he just kept on moving – like he was on a road trip. And these roads were as numerous as the interstates and state routes we travel on during our road trips. Sure, they were a lot less congested and void of automobiles, but they still served the same purpose. And each one of those roads led Jesus to a certain event in his ministry which helped define his purpose and changed the course of human history forever. Yes, each of these roads came together to eventually lead him to his ultimate destination – the cross. They served the purpose of making him who he was and they represent the long and difficult journey to the cross – the journey which Jesus made so many years ago, and which we make ourselves each and every year.

So, this Lent, we are going to go on the road with Jesus, as we travel the roads Jesus traveled in order that we can see him and his ministry more clearly, and understand more nearly what it is we are to do. When I was in the Holy Land a few weeks back, I got the chance to travel these roads – by bus, sure, but still got the chance. And so, on our road trip, I am going to share some pictures, thoughts, and reflections of these roads as we go down them. So, pack up, get ready, and let’s travel the roads with Jesus. We begin today with the Road to the Wilderness where we travel with Jesus to the Jordan River to be baptized and then into the Judean Wilderness to be tempted.