Tethered to God

We return this week to our discussions on stewardship – and more specifically, generosity. Just as a reminder, everything we are talking about in regards to stewardship this year comes from ideas presented by United Methodist pastor and scholar, Tom Berlin, in his book, Defying Gravity. One thing which maybe we don’t think about is that being good stewards of our time, talents, resources, and energy requires planning. Said differently, generosity doesn’t just happen; rather it is the result of thoughtful planning and design. We set goals and execute plans because we are dedicated to being generous.

So, how do we plan for generosity. Well, first of all, we make a budget – a budget which involves giving to God first, and NOT the leftovers. And this goes for more than just money. Second, we live simply. After all, simplicity is the most effective tool we can employ if we want to escape the financial gravity of our culture. We accomplish this by “tethering” ourselves to God, which means we make Him the source of joy in our lives to follow. Finally, we set goals for generosity. For when we set goals, we all can make a difference. If we follow these steps, we can defy gravity and have a life that is truly life – which is exactly what God wants for us.