Blue Sky Thinking

If there is one thing that Walt Disney World is known for, it is the ability to dream big! Nothing seems out of reach for them – the sky’s the limit. This is what is known to them as “Blue Sky Thinking.” When they are brainstorming new ideas for their parks, no idea is immediately shot down as “impossible” or “illogical” or “out of reach.” Again, the sky’s the limit! And the result of this thinking is that guests lose themselves in the attractions to the point that they forget they are simply in a theme park in the middle of Florida. Can’t we as the Church learn something from this?! Shouldn’t there be no limits for us when we are coming up with better ways to serve Christ? Don’t we want everyone to “lose themselves” in God’s love – so much so that they forget their past and are reborn?! Yes, the Church too should have a “Blue Sky Thinking” process!

In addition, Disney World is known for always being optimistic. Regardless of what may happen – i.e., a rainy day – they always act like the skies are blue. In other words, they make the best out of any situation. I know that one time when I was there we were worried that fireworks would be cancelled because it was dreary and rainy, but when we talked to a Cast Member, she said that she had been working there for 10 years and a fireworks show had only been cancelled once in the time she was there! Now that is blue sky thinking! As the Church, we too should think this way. We should always be optimists when sharing God’s love or serving Christ. And we should always dream big, for God is always with us to help us accomplish our goals and our mission – just like Joshua learned when he was tasked with taking over for Moses in leading the Israelites to the Promised Land. As the Church, may we too always have “Blue Sky Thinking!”