Remember Your Manners

As we raise our children, one of the greatest things we can instill in them is the importance of having good manners. And one of the most important manners is to always say “thank you!" But if you ask me, I also think this is the common manner which we all forget. Just think about it. How often do we stop and take the time to tell someone “thank you?” Or even more importantly, how many times do we pause and say thank you to God? Instead, we always seem to come to God in prayer with a “give me, give me, give me” attitude. We are so quick to bring a concern to God and ask for help, but when it comes to giving praise for an answered prayer or a blessing, we are not so eager or willing to lift up our prayer.

This week we approach the Thanksgiving holiday – a holiday which sometimes gets lost in the hubbub of the Christmas season; for we seem to so quickly jump from Halloween to Christmas. Furthermore, Thanksgiving many times has become about food, food, and more food…and then maybe some football! We stuff our faces with all the yummy foods, and in so doing forget the true reason for this holiday – to say thanks. So, as we gather around the table this week, I challenge everyone to remember their manners and take some time to give thanks. How has God blessed you in this past year? What have you maybe taken for granted that is a gift from our Creator? Are you willing to take some time and say thank you? Let us all set an example for our kids and remember our manners. Say thank you for all the blessings that we have been given and in so doing bring back the meaning of this forgotten holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!